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Les sondages à propos des évènements

Nom de sondage Gagnant Pop. Voix   
Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher  57%  1479

Was a British Conservative politician. The longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century. Died in 2013.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage  64%  1255

A British politician and leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) since 2010. A member of the EP for South East England since 1999.

Queen Elizabeth II.
Queen Elizabeth II. , Reine 44%  1218

The constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states, and head of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations.

Gerry Adams
Gerry Adams  63%  813

Polaiteoir Éireannach. An t-uachtarán Shinn Féin ó 1983. | Irish Sinn Féin politician. The Teachta Dála (TD) for Louth since 2011.

Charles, Prince of Wales
Charles, Prince of Wales  18%  779

The eldest child and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II. The longest-serving heir apparent in British history (since 1952).

David Cameron
David Cameron , Premier ministre 19%  767

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since 2010, and the leader of the Conservative Party since 2005.

Conservative Party
Conservative Party  21%  723

The Conservative Party, officially the Conservative and Unionist Party is a centre-right political party in the United Kingdom.

Labour Party
Labour Party  53%  659

The Labour Party is a centre-left political party in the United Kingdom.

Popularity of the United Kingdom
Popularity of the United Kingdom  I don't like25%  627

I like Britain - the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK).

Political situation in the UK
Political situation in the UK  dissatisfied15%  607

Click, if you are satisfied with the political situation in the United Kingdom. Say why?

Sinn Féin (UK)
Sinn Féin (UK)  52%  604

Is é 'Sinn Féin' páirtí polaitiúil Éireannach phoblachtach. | Sinn Féin is an Irish republican political party in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

George Osborne
George Osborne  18%  570

A British Conservative politician. The current Chancellor of the Exchequer and Second Lord of the Treasury of the United Kingdom.

Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown  60%  556

A British Labour Party politician.

John Major
John Major  18%  515

A British Conservative politician.

Declan Ganley
Declan Ganley  22%  465

An Irish entrepreneur, businessman and political activist. The founder and chairman of the political party Libertas.

David Trimble
David Trimble  14%  443

A British politician.

John Lennon
John Lennon  59%  399

Was an English musician, singer, songwriter, artist, actor and peace activist. Died in 1980.

Diana, Princess of Wales
Diana, Princess of Wales  53%  369

Was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. Died in 1997.

Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg  44%  347

A British politician. The current Deputy Prime Minister, Lord President of the Council and Leader of the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems).

Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill  59%  338

Was a British politician who was twice Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1940-1945 and 1951-1955). Died in 1965.

Ulster Unionist Party
Ulster Unionist Party  16%  315

The Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) is the older of the two main unionist political parties in Northern Ireland.

Democratic Unionist Party
Democratic Unionist Party  18%  292

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is the larger of the two main unionist political parties in Northern Ireland.

Alistair Darling
Alistair Darling  57%  280

A British Labour Party politician. The leader of the Better Together cross-party group since 2012.

Tony Blair
Tony Blair  34%  277

A British Labour Party politician.

Arthur Griffith
Arthur Griffith  57%  258

Was an Irish politician and writer, who founded and later led the political party Sinn Féin. Died in 1922. | Polaiteoir Éireannach ab ea é Art Ó Gríofa.

The Party of Wales
The Party of Wales  37%  252

Plaid Cymru or simply Plaid (The Party of Wales) is a political party in Wales.

Ian Paisley
Ian Paisley  22%  237

A British politician and former church minister from Northern Ireland.

Scottish National Party
Scottish National Party  31%  234

The Scots Naitional Pairtie is a poleitical pairty in Scotland. | The Scottish National Party is a social-democratic political party in Scotland.

Caroline Lucas
Caroline Lucas  56%  233

A British Green Party of England and Wales politician. The Member of Parliament (MP) for Brighton Pavilion since 2010.

Alex Salmond
Alex Salmond  37%  210

A Scottish politician and current First Minister of Scotland. The leader of the Scottish National Party since 2004.

Sir Robert Fulton
Sir Robert Fulton  25%  119

A former Royal Marines officer and Governor of Gibraltar. | Un militar británico, Gobernador de Gibraltar entre 2006 y 2009.

Reg Empey
Reg Empey  26%  118

A British politician. The Chairman of the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) since 2012.

Ramsay MacDonald
Ramsay MacDonald  52%  101

Was a British statesman who was the first ever Labour Party Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Died in 1937.

Yvette Cooper
Yvette Cooper  52%  87

A British Labour Party politician. The current Shadow Home Secretary and Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities.

Salma Yaqoob
Salma Yaqoob  51%  84

The head of the Birmingham Stop the War Coalition and a spokesperson for Birmingham Central Mosque.

Linda Fabiani
Linda Fabiani  26%  78

A Scottish politician. The Convener of the Scottish Parliament Scotland Bill Committee since 2011.

Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson  26%  74

A British politician. The First Minister of Northern Ireland and Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party since 2008.

Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy Hunt  22%  70

A British Conservative Party politician. The Secretary of State for Health since 2012.

Theresa May
Theresa May  49%  69

A British Conservative politician. The current Home Secretary, and MP for Maidenhead since 1997.

Edward Balls
Edward Balls  26%  61

A British Labour Party and Co-operative Party politician.

Sir Adrian Johns
Sir Adrian Johns , Gouverneur 51%  58

The current Governor of Gibraltar and a former senior officer in the Royal Navy. | El actual Gobernador de Gibraltar.

Bruce Crawford
Bruce Crawford  33%  54

A member of the Scottish Parliament for Stirling since 2007.

Mark Durkan
Mark Durkan  28%  53

An Irish politician in Northern Ireland.

Edward Miliband
Edward Miliband  39%  51

A British Labour Party politician, currently the Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition.

George Galloway
George Galloway  43%  50

A British politician, writer, and broadcaster, and the Respect Party Member of Parliament for Bradford West.

Ieuan Wyn Jones
Ieuan Wyn Jones  30%  46

A Welsh politician.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge  48%  44

The elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and his first wife, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Harriet Harman
Harriet Harman  44%  40

The current Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, and Labour Party Chair.

Nirj Deva
Nirj Deva  45%  34

A politician from the United Kingdom. MEP for South East England since 1999.

Alasdair McDonnell
Alasdair McDonnell  45%  31

An Irish politician who has been the Leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party since 2011.

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