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Ali Al-Naimi

Kingdom and OPEC work to stabilize oil supply - Mr Naimi

Ali Al-Naimi 42%

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The Saudi Gazette cited Mr Ali Al Naimi minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources as saying that Saudi Arabia and OPEC have made their contributions to ensure oil supplies in global markets and price control.

Mr Al Naimi said that "My talk to you today is about three key areas: Economy, energy and the close relationship growing between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Turkey. We are here to discuss the impact of economic and political unrest sweeping the region and the world. It has become clear that global economy is exposed to strong headwinds coming from Europe, and to a lesser extent from the United States. It is imperative to have a negative impact on the global economy."

He said that the United States and Japan were taking positive steps to support their economies as were China and other countries. Some countries will suffer severely during the years of austerity to come. We have to balance between negative mood prevailing and the most positive outlook in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It is clear that Turkey, like Saudi Arabia, has become a significant economic powe. , making the Turkish economy ranked 16th among the top economies in the world.




08 Oct 2012

Read full article: http://www.steelguru.com/middle_east_news/Kingdom_and_OPEC_work_to_stabilize_oil_supply_Mr_Naimi/286800.html


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