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Bharatiya Janata Party

BJP announces list of 87 candidates for Bihar polls

Bharatiya Janata Party 54%

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The Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) first list of candidates for the upcoming assembly elections in Bihar has re-nominated 46 of its sitting MLAs. BJP currently has 54 seats in the Bihar Vidhan Sabha and the party is planning to fight 102 seats. The party central election committee (CEC) that met for the second consecutive day today, have named 87 candidates. Apart from ministers and sitting MLAs, tickets have also been given to former BJP MLAs, party loyalists, people who have crossed over from the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP), sons of Bihar politicians and prominent writers of the state. “Four sitting MLAs, including one minister, have not been given tickets this time. The remaining 15 seats of the Bihar Vidhan Sabha would be decided by the party president,” said Ananth Kumar, senior BJP leader who is in-charge of the Bihar elections. State environment and forest minister Ramjidas Rishidev, Sanjeev Jha from Saharsa, Laxmi Narayan Mehta from Forbesganj and Hari Majhi of Bodh Gaya have not been issued tickets. Sources in the BJP said the names for 15 seats will be decided after consultations with the leaders of the Janata Dal (United) because the coalition partner wants the BJP to give up seats in Patna — the state capital which has traditionally been a stronghold of the BJP. Another reason for the tussle is the recent delimitation in constituencies under the BJP. Members of the JD(U) want a s. are of these 15 seats because it suits the caste combination of the party.



September 29, 2010

Source: BS Reporter


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