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EMC News - What's next for the federal Liberal Party? That's what students at Carleton University discovered when they attended a special political discussion Nov. 2 featuring interim Liberal leader Bob Rae.

Rae was on hand to discuss what went down during last spring's federal election and also spoke about the Liberal convention scheduled for January 2012.

Walking around and shaking hands with the 30-plus students in attendance, Rae thanked each of them for supporting the Liberal Party. He then took centre stage and began his speech, which addressed the defeat his party suffered back in May.

"Right now, we are in third place, not the Official Opposition, but I plan on taking this party back to number one," Rae said. "We need your help to bring us back to where we want to be." In May, the Liberal Party was dealt a harsh blow when the New Democratic Party, led by Jack Layton, became the Official Opposition to the Conservative Government.

"Mr. Layton almost took his team to the top and it is up to us to see to it that we become the Opposition then the main party of Canada," he continued. "Despite the defeat, we are experiencing real change and we're happy for (Ontario Premier) Dalton (McGuinty)." Students asked a series of questions, to which Rae always . ad a response.



By Melanie Provencher



Nov 10, 2011

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