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Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands

Merkel’s CDU Plunges in Poll as Germans Slam Crisis Handling

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Backing for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union dropped in a monthly poll for ARD television as Germans lost faith in the government’s ability to manage the economic crisis. 

Sixty percent of respondents said the stimulus measures approved by Merkel’s government won’t help solve the country’s economic woes, a 9 percentage-point increase from January, ARD said in an e-mailed statement. Fifty-two percent said the government has lost sight of the overall picture in the turmoil. 

Support for the CDU and its Christian Social Union Bavarian ally fell three percentage points from a month earlier to 34 percent, ARD said. Backing for the pro-business Free Democratic Party in the Infratest dimap poll rose 3 points to a record 16 percent. 

Seven months before the federal election, the combined support of 50 percent for the CDU/CSU and FDP compares with 47 percent support for a bloc comprised of the Social Democrats, the post-communist Left party and the Greens. That means Merkel could still form a government with her preferred partner if the results were replicated on Sept. 27. 

Support for the SPD, currently serving as junior partner in Merkel’s government, dropped 1 point to 25 percent, while the Left and the Greens gained 1 point each to tie at 11 percent support. 

The package agreed on Jan. 12 by Merkel’s coalition parties includes investment in schools and roads, steps t. lower health- insurance payments, a reduction of the lowest income-tax rate and 100-euro ($128) checks for each child.



By Rainer Buergin

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