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Hooshang Amirahmadi

Why Rutgers Professor Hooshang Amirahmadi is Running for President of Iran

Hooshang Amirahmadi 33%

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This year’s Iranian presidential election may be headed for a town near you, courtesy of Dr. Hooshang Amirahmadi. The 65-year-old Iranian-American is a professor of public policy and international development at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He’s also running for president of Iran, and campaigning has recently taken him to Berkeley, Blacksburg, VA; New York City, Ireland, and Scotland.


He’s made some waves recently in international and social media, but there are still a lot of hurdles between him and the presidency.


At the beginning of February, Hooshang Amirahmadi hosted his first Ask-Me-Anything. It’s a forum on the well-trafficked website Reddit where pretty much anyone can sign up and talk about anything. A lot of people have done them — Barack Obama, Ira Glass, Anthony Weiner – post-disgrace. And Amirahmadi generated enthusiasm; he got fewer questions than Obama, but more than Glass and Weiner.


It’s part of a campaign strategy that Amirahmadi’s pretty excited about. “This is the most innovative thing anybody has ever done,” he says. “It is not just innovative within the Iranian expatriate community, it is innovative among any community.”


Part of what excites Amirahmadi. is the idea of creating what he calls Iran’s 31st province–a voting block of expat Iranians.




March 15, 2013

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