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John Briceño

John Briceno Offered No real Alternative on Independence Day

John Briceño 46%


On the 21st day of September this year many Belizeans who live in the United States and abroad including myself, tuned in to Love FM and other radio stations to listen to the Independence Day Celebrations that was broadcasted live over the internet. Most of us are concerned about the increase in violent crimes especially murders that are taking place on the streets of Belize City and the economic situation our country is facing today. The current government has already outlined several new initiatives that they have put in place to curve the crime rate and is waiting for more assistance from overseas to receive technical and other support to deal with this on-going dilemma. The recent economic report that was released indicated that the economy is rebounding slowly but not as fast as the government would like it to rebound.


The Prime Minister of Belize the Right Honorable Dean Barrow spoke about Belizean Nationalism and the pride and love most Belizeans have for their country. He continued to stress on the accomplishments his government has made since assuming power two years ago. He cautioned that there is a long journey ahead but his government will do everything to make sure that in the end they prevail. He pointed out that Belize today is a lot different from the Belize they inherited back in 2008 when they came to office. At that time, the country was plagued with; corruption, poor credit rating, divisive government, family rule and unequal distribution of wealth. Belize looked as if it was the personal estate of a few families and one ethnic group monopolized all the wealth that was available to the general public.


Most of the money that was available at the Development Finance Corporation (DFC) and the Belize Bank went to the same wealthy families who have plenty and still wanted more. This greed on their part deprived students from borrowing to further their education, farmers from doing farming and poor families from improving and buying homes. They borrowed until the institution became bankrupt and some of them have not paid back their loan debts up to this day. This is Taxpayers money and the government should utilize all legal options to recover these outstanding debts and bring those funds to the Government’s Treasury where they belong. These people are so brazen and cold blooded that many of them went into new business ventures with these funds, as if nothing went wrong while still refusing to pay their debts to the financial institutions.


When it was time for the Opposition Leader of the People’s United Party to speak the Right Honorable John Briceno, he started off in the attack mode. Little did he realize, that his party was in power for ten years and the state of Belize today is based on the foundation they laid in those ten years while he was in office as a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of that previous government. He also forgot that he was a part of the G-7 group that broke away from his Prime Minister Said Musa for acting dictatorial in several policy issues when it came to spending and disbursing public funds especially when it came to the general public’s health spending. Also, that he is the head of a party that is divided and all the other five elected members of his party are against him and are not satisfied with his leadership and want him to be replaced as their party leader.


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Wellington C. Ramos



September 23, 2010

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