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Kishore Chandra Deo

V Kishore Chandra Deo: Sensitivity is the answer to the ...

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... Northeast problem


New Delhi - Tribal Affairs and Panchayati Raj Minister V Kishore Chandra Deo tells Aditi Phadnis why people from the Northeast find the rest of India so inhospitable


As a liberal Indian, I find it hard to understand why people from Northeast India who have been hosted by cosmopolitan cities all over India for several decades – we even had H T Sangliana being elected an MP from Bangalore North in the 14th Lok Sabha – suddenly turning their backs on these cities, just on the strength of a rumour...


Well, as you know the government has banned mass SMSes, so clearly somebody is playing some mischief. But you’re right, I fail to understand the cause behind this exodus of north-east people from cities where they’ve lived and worked for years and have friends and family. It is in these cities, that celebrate diversity and are cosmopolitan in their outlook, where people from the Northeast have felt comfortable for years – Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai. It is hard to u. derstand…


By Aditi Phadnis


Read more: Business Standard (Aug 19, 2012)

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