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Brian Howey takes a rather vacuous look at Indiana Libertarians and mistakes the trees for the forest. Libertarians don't need to win. We exist as a third party on a national level because believers in the cause of Liberty who want to act politically, just do so. Why that should translate to actually taking political power escapes political pundits and angry individuals. It's not clear from this article which Mr. Howey is, but the notion does escape him. But it also escapes many earnest Libertarians.

Logo of the Indiana LPWhile I truly believe the average person is generally libertarian in their live and let live moods, I also know that agendas, special interests and powererful constituents all play on the two main teams that always win. They've set the rules for the last 150 years. Thus any notion that supporters, financial backing and media attention, let alone actual inertia driven voters, will somehow deviate from this pattern is quite simply naive. But I do not labor in these political fields just listening to Baba O'Reilly. The political science and data is on my side.

Ideas, convictions and ideology matter to Libertarians. Sometimes too much in order to affect functional electoral bids. But they do it. Year after, after year, after year. They toil in state and local committees, attempt coalitions, fuel futile fundraising attempts and they get on ballots throughout many states. That is our success. I'd like to think we're all wickedly smart enough to know that most of our attempts are for naught in terms of actual electoral domination. That we know that people are weak and will opt for security rather than freedom. Know that the average person can't grapple with complicated economic and moral matters. Know that we despise those power elites who also know this but take complete advantage of sentimental nationalism or collective group think for their own petty ambitions. We resist that temptation and stay focused on liberty for all. If people don't come to us, it's not our fault, we make ourselves available when the system lets us or we put our foot in the doorway. Besides the humongous effort to infiltrate the vast spoils systems that grows in state capitals and Washington DC, it is just too much mindless and frustrating work for a guy like me who would rather attend to the roof problems on his old house rather than write this article.

With a repeal and decentralize focus, how can the average Libertarian candidate ever hope to dismantle and un-indoctrinate the many many thousands, if not millions of people who accept the premise of government ? Do the Indiana Libertarians really say that education is government's responsibility ? Current real politics will continue to project every human need as a collective right to be exacted from every other breathing soul that can contribute meaningfully in absolutely financial manner, with no choice about participating whatsoever. Justified no less anymore than the simple idea of the current elected majority faction. By no means is this Rosseau's fanciful general will or even truly an aggregrate majority. Remember half the people don't bother to vote because they know it's a waste of time. Say it's our fault, but when given two realistic choices, why should the average voter be forced to identify with the thugs holding themselves for office. We don't ask that they do other things that they feel are wrong. Indeed, why would we even want to risk our principles over attaining power in such dire circumstances and promise to everyone that by doing nothing, it will actually get better as we realize that human action need not be controlled in every matter in order to achieve most needs. The fact that it only gets worse in a human era that should be the most enlightened and properous is prove to our positives.

Yes, Mr. Howey we don't need to win. Because our ideas are sound and the current atmosphere is so bad, it doesn't necessacarily translate to a real thrist or delusion that political success is desirable, let alone possible. Single plurality districts, the Electoral College, draconian ballot access laws, media bias and active exclusion from polls, all guarantee that we will only see the Red and the Blue in our papers and buzzing on our tubes for decades to come despite the ever twindling enrollments to the latter parties. I would love to play politics and win. I really would, but everytime I do play, it turns into a ballot access bloodbath, making winning completely impossible. Everyone cries the injustice, but they just go back to the same routine within a news cycle. Yes, inspired and lucky independent runs are possible on a occasion, but they are not necessarily the formulations of, or for Libertarians. I certainly can't speak for my Indiana brethren, but I do hope that another Andy Horning steps forward to keep t. e flames of liberty glowing.


Author: Eric Sundwall


Source: examiner.com - June 19, 2009

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