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The latest release from the Center for Libertarian Press Information

While the events rapidly unfolding in Iran after the recent election are of extreme interest and concern to freedom-loving people everywhere, Libertarians are asking the US Government not to involve itself in the affairs of the Iranian people. They also ask individuals to be wary of being stampeded into agreement with interventionist foreign policies through their natural concern for Iranians and their rights.

David Nolan, one of the founders of the Libertarian Party, warns that “None of us here in America—and probably very few folks in Iran—have any real idea of what exactly is going on there and how various individuals and groups are contributing to the disorder and violence. Under these circumstances, it would be foolish to encourage or tolerate US Government intervention in the affairs of people outside of the US.”

While the events in Tehran and other places in Iran may mark the growth of an era of superfast on-the-spot news communications via such media as Twitter, Facebook, and others, they may also mark the beginning of the successful manipulation of public opinion by exploiting those same superfast personal media.

Susan Hogarth, activist and organizer of the Party’s radical or hard-line faction, cautions “In an era of such rapid and overwhelming communication—in itself a good thing—those who have previously agitated for war or reprisals against Iran will certainly not miss the opportunity to shape public concern into calls for more US Government intervention into Iran’s politics. People should keep in mind that most interventionist wars begin with demonizing one or more political factions in the target land, and agitating or exploiting public concern for the people of that land to gain acceptance of interventionist policies. This is exactly how we were stampeded into war against Iraq, and we must be careful to not let the same thing happen with Iran. Giving in to a hasty impulse to ‘do something’ will only encourage the pro-war faction here in the US and make the situ. tion even more difficult for the people in Iran.”


Source: Independet Political Report - June 18th, 2009

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