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Martín Torrijos Espino

Martín Torrijos for Exemplary Transition in Panama

Martín Torrijos Espino 49%

President of Panama Martin Torrijos said on Tuesday that the opportunity has come for an exemplary government transition in the country. In remarks to journalist at the end of a meeting with president-elect Ricardo Martinelli, Torrijos said that the future administration will be informed of ongoing and future projects. He ratified the commitment to discuss "as productively and frankly as possibly" the country's problems as the current administration transfers power to the next, "so that Panamanians' expectations can be met." Martinelli referred to common views regarding economic growth and foreign policy and spoke highly of the current administration's performance. The president-elect defended an "effective, efficient and productive" transition, so that it sends a message of confidence to the people and investors. Martinelli attended the meeting along with his running mate (and future Foreign minister) Juan Carlos Varela and his campaign chief Jummy Papadimitriu, who is expected to be in charge of the Ministry of the Presidency.


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Thursday 07 May 2009, San José, Costa Rica

source: insidecostarica.com


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