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Miguel Figueroa


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As the May 2 federal election began, People's Voice interviewed Communist Party of Canada leader Miguel Figueroa about the campaign.

People's Voice: What are the most important issues around which the federal election will be fought?

Miguel Figueroa: I heard a political commentator dub this a "Seinfeld" election because - like that famous sitcom - this campaign will be `about nothing', without any pivotal issues or defining themes. But appearances can be misleading.

Stephen Harper and his stable of advisers in the Prime Minister's Office have been crafting such a scenario since the last election, and especially after their post‑election brush with death when their minority government was almost brought down (saved only by the prorogation of Parliament in December 2008). The Tory game plan is to `low‑ball' their economic and political program and avoid sharp confrontations which would more fully expose their reactionary anti‑labour, anti‑democratic agenda. That is the main reason why power has been so concentrated (and carefully scripted) in the PMO. Their `possum' strategy has been aided and abetted by both the mainstream corporate media, and by the feebleness of the opposition parties in Parliament, which have failed to bring forward substantive alternatives to Tory policies.

So, of course, this election is not about `nothing'. Far from it. It is all about the most central issue: the consolidation of Conservative political power in the form of a `stable' majority in Parliament. This objective is also what monopoly capital - the oil barons in Alberta, the bankers on Bay Street, and the transnationals - desperately want to put in place.

This is the crux of the matter. Over the remaining days leading up to May 2nd, workers, youth, pensioners, Aboriginal peoples, racialized communities - indeed the vast majority of Canadians - need to do everything . ossible to deny Harper and his cronies their coveted majority, and if possible drive them from the government benches entirely.




Source: Rebel Youth

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