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Nicolas Sarkozy

Record numbers join anti-Sarkozy protests

Nicolas Sarkozy 19%

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Sarkozy maintains he is the only man who can face down street protests and plough on with his project to reform France, but he is facing an array of different demands and growing anger. Teachers and doctors protested against his long-standing reform plan, saying public-sector job cuts would kill schools and hospitals. University staff are continuing their seven-week strike against higher education reform with sit-ins and occupations. 

Private-sector employees, including supermarket cashiers, bank clerks and car workers, took to the street over poor pay, factory closures and the return of a traditional French scourge: unemployment, now rising at its fastest rate in 10 years.

Police put fiures at about 1.2 million. With one in three people supporting the protest, it had the highest public backing for a strike in a decade.


by Angelique Chrisafis

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