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Populyarnostʹ Uzbekistana

Uzbekistan is one of the few fastest growing countries...

Populyarnostʹ Uzbekistana, Мне нравится 62%

... in the world


Uzbekistan attracts tourists and foreign visitors for its unique historical monuments, rich culture and tradition, beautiful nature and modern cities. UzA correspondent asked tourists about their impressions of Uzbekistan.

Ahmad Tashfik (Singapore):

- I first visited your country ten years ago. I can‘t hide my admiration for the results of large-scale reforms implemented in various fields, including economics, construction, information technology and agriculture.

And how your capital city became beautiful! Walking in Tashkent, I admire the Square of Independence. I was particularly impressed by the amazingly beautiful buildings, green lawns. Monument of Independence and Humanism, Monument of a Happy Mother are symbol of peace, stability and happiness in your country and firm belief in the great future.

Arto Candeloro (Italy):

- I want to emphasize that Uzbekistan is one of the few fastest growing countries in the world. During the years of independence, your country achieved great results in many areas. The authority of Uzbekistan in the international arena is increasing. All this is the result of great care by the state to raise the welfare of people and ensure social and political stability.

Modern buildings, straight roads are built in towns and villages, new gardens are laid. Along with the large-scale creative work, imparting a special beauty of Tashkent, variety of trees and flowers. please the visitors. I witnessed the rebirth of ancient national traditions and values, and it is very gratifying.


Nodir Manzurova


Read more: UzA (5 August 2011)

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