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Salih bin Abdullah al Humaid

Sheikh Dr. Saleh bin Humaid commended the Forum will be a hill Riyadh

Salih bin Abdullah al Humaid 41%

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His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Saleh bin Abdullah bin Hameed, head of the Supreme Judicial Council was pleased with what he saw of the events and activities of the forum to a hill Riyadh, organized by the Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance and educating communities in al raboh, expressing his admiration for the great diversity in the events between education and entertainment and sports activities that attract young people.


His Excellency Dr. Sheikh Ibn Hamid told the Forum after the end of his lecture, I was pleased this overwhelming response to take advantage of these exciting events aimed at young men and women, men, women and children.


HE added that the arrival of this event for the fourth year, confirms the keenness and interest of governmental bodies to support the summer festivals in all parts of the Kingdom, not the tourist areas only, and I think that Riyadh is such festivals, and has become a tourist attraction is able to meet the needs of the population and next to it of entertainment permissible.


He commended Dr. Sheikh Ibn Hamid targets Forum hill Riyadh in the provision of alternatives to tourism for the people of the Kingdom in exchange for  the idea of traveling abroad, stressing that it reflects the awareness of those at the forum and government agencies and private and philathropic support to him, the need to provide the needs of citizens, and describing it as a new shift in the consciousness of society.




8 July 2011

Read full article: http://www.alriyadh.gov.sa/en/news/Pages/news8052.aspx


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