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Slobodan Milošević

What was Slobodan Milosevic accused of?

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Slobodan Milosevic - Photo: EPAInterview with Michael Mandel – Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University in Toronto, Canada.


Can you give a little background of Slobodan Milosevic? What exactly he was accused of? One of the things I’m given to understand is that he was essentially turned over by a political rival who couldn’t seem to have him arrested for internal crimes, so in figure he get rid of him by tossing him over to the Hague, is that right?


It was a little more complicated than that. The Americans and the Yugoslavian Tribunal were demanding his handover and they were threatening sanctions, and they were starving – the Serbians has been bombed into destitution for about three months. And the Western countries were saying – we are not going to get you out of this, we are going to impose sanctions unless you handover Milosevic. There were a couple of political elections between the bombing campaign and the handover and what happened was that the law of Yugoslavia did not allow for the extradition of citizens, like a lot of European countries.


But America – Bush and Blair again and again were demanding his handover and in the Yugoslavian Tribunal there is a woman named Carla del Ponte who was kind of hired gun for them. So, they tried to change the law but they couldn’t and the Constitutional Court said it was illegal to extradite somebody who was a citizen without a proper law change and in the context they couldn’t pass a law. The Prime Minister at that time of Serbia just handed him over to NATO, basically kidnapped him and illegally transported him to the Yugoslavian Tribunal. I think the Prime Minister was later assassinated, but anyway he was very pro-Western Prime Minister and they were all sort of talking up the United States for their money and for their acceptance and they wanted to get into the European Union. So, basically he was illegally kidnapped contrary to the decision of the Constitutional Court of Yugoslavia, ju. t done under the sort of extortion by the West and all that end up in Hague.


Carmen Russell-Sluchansky


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