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Barack Obama

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The 44th and current President of the United States. The first African American to hold the office.
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pour1contre   He's the best president to come along in a very long time - at just the time we needed him. He's my hero., speruoc
pour1contre   What an amazing president who deserves another term in order to bring this country back to where it needs to be., mike400s
pour1contre   Americans Future, SEPP
pour0contre   The people before the profit!!!, Galileo
pour0contre   He's a president who acts and thinks on the long term and wants to shrink the gap between poor and rich. He respects the people., Galileo
pour0contre   Obama is a good man. Regardless of who won the Presidency after Bush's horrific policies, they were going to fight an uphill battle., JimGagnepain
pour0contre   Americans elected Mr. Obama because they wanted him to restore American values and leadership. The Nobel Prize, shows how many people around the world want the same thing., RobinT
pour0contre   No matter what you say about President Obama, He is The President Of The United States Of America and God The Father is truly with him., LaMalia
pour0contre   Given the dunghill left by his predecessor, Obama is doing a good job with a horrible task., Kitsapian
pour0contre   Obama: we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of value, spetr
pour0contre   I don't think that there is anybody that I have ever imagine more suited for the role of first lady than Michelle Obama, she is a perfect fit for the White House, spetr
pour0contre   Obama inauguration speech was one of the best ever, kvaska
pour0contre   Barack Obama is promising to slash federal spending by $2 trillion, even as the administration initially invests large sums of money to revive the faltering economy., RobinT
pour0contre   Обама подписал сегодня указ, согласно , Elviss
pour0contre   Democrat lawmakers in the United States say have reached agreement with the White House on a 17 billion dollar emergency aid package for the country's embattled car industry., spetr
pour0contre   see the new president site http://www.change.gov/, a3
pour0contre   America is awake finally that is why Obama is winning. There are only a few people sleeping now, obviously, spetr
pour37contre   This President, his administration, and all those surrounding him have set race relations back 5 - 8 yrs. He has created an almost civil war situation. What a shame., scot-TEE
pour15contre   I am very disappointed in our president at this point. CHANGE????? It does not seem that "change" has been a good change!, loriann
pour10contre   Much rather seen Mcain for president. Look how things are going now since Obama has gotten to be president. Things are not gooing as good as they should be. And its getting worse., trekkie75965
pour3contre   My Vote has nothing to do with repub or democrat black or white ..he's breaking america, selling us down the creek..and now healthcare? it's those around him that influence, Skeeter
pour3contre   I believed Obama to help the country, audit the Fed, stop domestic spying, exit Iraq, prosecute torturers, and maybe reopen the 9/11 investigation. Now, I just think HOPE is lost, RobinT
pour3contre   America is a Christian nation. it was founded on those principles. Obama needs a history lesson. We are not a Muslim nation. Israel is still supported by real Americans., robufo2000
pour2contre   obama is spending too much money! I don't like it. Bush spent too much money. That seems like the excuse for obama well Bush did it. That does not excuse it. Socialism kills!, Socialismkills
pour2contre   Dear Sir Obama my patience is over, n123
pour2contre   Barack Hussein Obama is the most far left person in America. Socialism is not change . It is disaster., robufo2000
pour2contre   Congratulations, America! In voting for Barack. You gave the fox the key to the hen house. When the last chicken is gone, who can we blame?, spetr
pour1contre   The reason Obama wanted to become president was because he has a Muslim goal in life to wipeout Israel, and have America get taken over by terrorists., Carmelita
pour1contre   Obama needs to stp being a liar and acting like a dictator, Ajones1863
pour1contre   Never thought we'd have another president as crooked as Nixon but we do, Ajones1863
pour1contre   he's incompetent and mean spirited, Ajones1863
pour1contre   Totally unqualified for this position. His background, experience, and knowledge of what made America represents his arrogance and ignorance. He continues to destroy our nation., bandman
pour1contre   Im voting against you because in florida your party is supporting a detention center to be built around 9 schools. I voted for you in 2008, you lost it this year., migx27
pour1contre   Here is the fact: We elected a President with minimal legislative experience, minimal executive experience and a lot of political experience. America, wake up., mbrown
pour1contre   When it comes to going after terrorists, for example, drone attacks in Pakistan have more than tripled under President Obama. Obama just sent 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan., RobinT
pour1contre   Obama is proposing the legalization of all the horrors perpetrated under Bush II? God damnit, this is not what I voted for., RobinT
pour1contre   top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee warns that President Barack Obama's massive budget proposal will bankrupt the country, 123

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