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Chris Grayling

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A British Conservative Party politician. The Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice since 2012.
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Minister Grayling heckled over Atos

Outgoing employment minister Chris Grayling has been heckled in a parliamentary debate as he defended Government use of Atos Healthcare to carry out fitness to work assessments. Mr Grayling, the new Justice Secretary following the Government reshuffle, faced shouts from the public gallery in Westminster Hall, an annex to the main Commons chamber. Chairman of the session Philip Hollobone threatened to suspend the sitting after protesters in wheelchairs shouted "shame on you" and "people's lives are at stake". Interruptions were made twice and one woman was escorted from the room. Mr ...

Chris Grayling appointed justice secretary in sop to ...

... Conservative right Chris Grayling has replaced Ken Clarke as Justice secretary, in a move calculated by Prime Minister David Cameron to delight the right of the Conservative party. To the dismay of Liberal Democrats, Mr Grayling – a Eurosceptic Conservative known in Opposition as the party's right wing attack dog – replaced Ken Clarke. Mr Grayling now takes control of prisons policy in England and Wales, as well as the courts system. By Christopher Hope Read more: The Telegraph (04 Sep 2012)

Chris Grayling: Working for benefits is not the same ...

... as slave labour It was one of those moments that sum up why Britain’s welfare system so desperately needs to be reformed. A young man at the end of a busy shift behind a bar. A few months out of school, in his first job. “So what’s happened to your friends from school?” he was asked. “A lot of them signed on and are sitting at home playing computer games,” was the response. Leaving school or college and heading out into the world of work is never easy, even in good times. It’s a huge transition as well as a practical challenge. Read ...

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