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Death Penalty

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Death Penalty

I support the death penalty!
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I oppose the death penalty!

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ENG: Argument for the death penalty: The death penalty prevents future murders. A just society requires the death penalty for the taking of a life. Executing the innocent is a rare but acceptable risk of the death penalty. The death penalty is applied fairly and may be used. Source:http://deathpenaltycurriculum.org/student/c/about/arguments/contents.htm
pour33contre   I clearly support Death Penalty ! There is no reason to hesitate., positive
pour33contre   I am strongly opposed Death Penalty ! I have never supported this incident., negative
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Human Rights:The Council of Europe,a death penalty free area

Europe is today the only region in the world where the death penalty is no longer applied. All the Council of Europe's 47 member states have either abolished capital punishment or instituted a moratorium on executions. The Council of Europe played a leading role in the battle for abolition, believing that the death penalty has no place in democratic societies. This determination to eradicate the death penalty was reflected in Protocol No.6 to the European Convention on Human Rights. It followed an initiative from the Parliamentary Assembly to abolish the death penalty in peacetime and ...

Does the death penalty deter crime?

General Reference (not clearly pro or con) Daniel S. Nagin, PhD, Professor of Public Policy and Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University, and John V. Pepper, PhD, Professor of Economics at the University of Virginia, wrote in their 2012 book Deterrence and the Death Penalty:"...[R]esearch to date of the effect of capital punishment on crime is not informative about whether capital punishment decreases, increases, or has no effect on crime rates. Therefore, the committee recommends that these studies not be used to inform deliberations requiring judgments about the effect of the death ...

U.S. Death Penalty Support Stable at 63%

Decade-long decline in support after 2001 seen mostly among Democrats PRINCETON, NJ - Americans' support for the death penalty as punishment for murder has plateaued in the low 60s in recent years, after several years in which support was diminishing. Sixty-three percent now favor the death penalty as the punishment for murder, similar to 61% in 2011 and 64% in 2010. Gallup first asked Americans for their views on the death penalty using this question in 1936, and has asked it at least annually since 1999. The latest results come from a Dec. 19-22, 2012, USA Today/Gallup survey, ...

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