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Karl Marx

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War ein deutscher Philosoph, Ökonom und Journalist. | Was a German philosopher, economist and revolutionary socialist. Died in 1883.
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Karl Marx principle of differentiation

Karl Marx gave us a perspective on history focusing on class struggle. It was called ‘historical materialism’. Here is offered another thesis that is based on the principle of ‘differentiation’. In the cosmos all things differentiate over time, they become more diverse, more individual, more particular over time. This is a long-term process in the world too, call it ‘historical differentiation’. Social institutions, principally, business and the economy should not be allowed to control or destroy other institutions like education, government, healthcare and ...

The Revenge of Karl Marx

As Wheen skillfully shows, there was an underlying love-hate relationship between Marx and capitalism. As early as the Manifesto, he had written of capitalism’s operations with a sort of awe, describing how the bourgeoisie had revolutionized all human and social and economic relations, and had released productive capacities of a sort undreamed-of in feudal times. Wheen speculates that Marx was being magnanimous because he thought he was writing capitalism’s obituary, and though this is a nice conceit, it does not quite explain Marx’s later failure, in Capital, to grasp quite ...

The Marx Renaissance

Karl Marx has returned, if not quite from the grave then from history’s dustbin. German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück recently said that Marx’s answers “may not be irrelevant” to today’s problems. French President Nicholas Sarkozy allowed himself to be photographed leafing through the pages of Marx’s Das Kapital . A German filmmaker, Alexander Kluge, is promising to turn Das Kapital into a movie.Few of today’s new “Marxists” want to spell out the attractions of a man who wanted to unite German philosophy (building on Hegel) with ...

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