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Crown Princess Masako

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photo 皇太子徳仁親王妃雅子

皇太子徳仁親王妃雅子 - pour

皇太子徳仁親王の妃。 | Kōtaishi Naruhito Shinnōhi Masako is the wife of Crown Prince Naruhito.
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JPN: 皇太子徳仁親王妃雅子(こうたいしなるひとしんのうひ まさこ、1963年(昭和38年)12月9日 - )は、日本の皇族。皇太子徳仁親王の妃。旧名・小和田雅子(おわだ まさこ)。身位は皇太子妃、親王妃。皇室典範に定める敬称は殿下。お印はハマナス。勲等は勲一等宝冠章。学位は経済学士(Bachelor of Arts in Economics magna cum laude)(ハーバード大学・1985年)。 年譜 1963年(昭和38年)12月9日、東京都港区に生まれる。本籍地は新潟県村上市本町 1985年(昭和60年)6月(21歳)、ハーバード大学経済学部卒業 1986年(昭和61年)4月(22歳)、東京大学法学部に学士 ...
pour32contre   私の意見で Crown Princess Masako のではかなりの政治家良いです。例えば、これ... (もし私が欲しかった、なぜ私はここに書き込み)を書き込む, positive
pour32contre   私は同意しない。 Crown Princess Masako です悪い選択。例えば、これ... (もし私が欲しかった、なぜ私はここに書き込み)を書き込む, negative
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Crown Princess Masako Talks About Disaster Victims, Illness

The wife of the heir to the Japanese throne marks her 48th birthday today. Crown Princess Masako has been seen little over the years due to a stress induced mental illness. But this year, she often accompanied husband Crown Prince Naruhito to the areas hit hard by the March earthquake-tsunami and also meet with evacuees. Many wondered if this was the rebirth of Masako. Yes, says the medical team helping her with her recovery, but not so much. The doctors said it was “ill-minded” for the media to say the Crown Princess had completely healed. “We cannot expect a ...

Princess Masakos public appearance

Japan's Crown Princess Masako ''beamed broadly'' as she made a rare public appearance to watch a dance show with her husband Crown Prince Naruhito. Japan's Crown Princess Masako has made a rare public appearance to watch a dance show. The royal - who seldom attends official events due to a stress-induced illness - joined her husband Crown Prince Naruhito at the country's National Arts Festival in what was only the second time she has been seen outside the palace this year. During the show, the princess, dressed in a peach-coloured silk suit, "beamed ...

Crown Princess Masako

Tokyo 2016 invites crown prince to IOC voteLAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — Officials of Tokyo's bid for the 2016 Olympics have invited Japan's crown prince to travel to Copenhagen for the IOC vote on Oct. 2.Tokyo Governor and bid committee president Shintaro Ishihara said Thursday that he has asked Prime Minister Tara Aso to invite Crown Prince Naruhito and Princess Masako to represent the bid at the International Olympic Committee session.Tokyo, which hosted the 1964 Olympics, is competing against Chicago, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro."It is too difficult to ask the emperor (Akihito) to come ...

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