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Mohammad Khatami

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محقق ایرانی، الهیات شیعه و سیاستمدار اصلاح طلب. | An Iranian scholar, Shia theologian, and Reformist politician.
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Les résultats des élections en ligne en faveur de "سید محمد خاتمی " dans le graphique

FAR: سید محمد خاتمی (زادهٔ ۲۱ مهر ۱۳۲۲، سیاست‌مدار و دانش‌پژوه روحانی و پنجمین رئیس‌جمهور ایران است که طی دو دوره بین سال‌های ۱۳۷۶ تا ۱۳۸۴ این مسئولیت را عهده‌دار بود. وی سومین فرزند سید روح‌الله خاتمی است. روز پیروزی او در انتخابات (دوم خرداد) با کسب بیش از ۲۰ میلیون رای و حدود هفتاد درصد آراء به نامی برای جنبش اصلاح‌طلبی داخلی در ایران بدل شد. وی توسط بسیاری به عنوان رهبر اصلاحات ایران شناخته می‌شود. خاتمی همچنین مبدع طرحی ...
pour33contre   في رأيي محمد خاتمي طيبة جدا سياسيا. على سبيل المثال ، بسبب... (إذا أردت أن أكتب لماذا ، لقد كتبت هنا), positive
pour1contre   Khatami warns that if Ahmadinejad continues, the country's social capital and international reputation will be damaged even more., a3
pour33contre   أنا لا أوافق. محمد خاتمي هو سوء الاختيار. على سبيل المثال ، بسبب... (إذا أردت أن أكتب لماذا ، لقد كتبت هنا), negative
Pourcentage actuelle (de préférence)
pour سید محمد خاتمی

Iran/ Casa ex presidente Khatami assediata da agenti

Le residenze a Teheran dell'ex presidente riformista iraniano, Mohammad Khatami, e dell'ex vice presidente, Abdollah Nouri, risultano al momento «assediate» dalle forze di sicurezza. Lo riferiscono testimoni oculari citati dal sito web d'opposizione 'Kalemeh', che non aggiunge per il momento ulteriori dettagli a riguardo. Il governo iraniano aveva già imposto gli arresti domiciliari ai due leader dell'opposizione, Mir-Hossein Mousavi e Mehdi Karroubi, a cui è stato impedito di unirsi alle proteste dell'Onda Verde esplose di nuovo oggi a Teheran. ... 14 ...

Iran outlaws Khatami's Baran Foundation

Iranian interior ministry announced that Baran Foundation, founded by former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami, is an "illegal" entity and its activities must be banned. The statement appears to be the latest in the wave of government attacks against the reformist president, who is considered one of the top three leaders of the post-election protests in Iran. Head of the political branch of the interior ministry contended that Baran Foundation has not gone through the proper procedures for licensing. "The so-called reform government at the end of its mandate prior to the transfer of ...

Let's hope Khatami wins back Iran's presidency

We were engrossed by the U.S. presidential election. For the Middle East, the outcome of this week's Israeli election could be consequential. Now comes another election of potentially great consequences for that region, and for the world. On June 12, Iran will elect its president. Campaigning has already begun.Campaigning? In theocratic Iran? Democracy there? Surely you jest.Actually, no.Democracy in Iran is a peculiar beast, to be sure, with the theocrats at the top of the Iranian system disqualifying candidates, indicating preferences and potentially manipulating results. Nonetheless, ...

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