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Oscar Giannino

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Un giornalista e politico italiano. | An Italian journalist and politician.
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Oscar Giannino: Italy’s Most Fashionable Politician Resigns

At first glance, Oscar Fulvio Giannino would not look out of place in a Williamsburg coffee shop or poetry slam. Possessing a scholarly and unkempt beard and mustache, glasses, and a pristine bald head, Giannino makes sartorial choices that would do his flamboyant British namesake Oscar Wilde proud.But he isn't a Brooklyn hipster. He's an Italian journalist and author, who happens to be the most colorful candidate running for prime minister in the February 24-25 election. His Act To Stop The Decline party (Fare per Fermare il Declino) has no chance of landing the top job in the country, but ...

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