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Rashid al-Ghannushi

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سياسي ومفكر إسلامي تونسي، زعيم حركة النهضة التونسية. | Un homme politique tunisien. | A Tunisian politician, leader of the En-Nahda Movement.
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انقر فوق، إذا كنت لا تؤيد هذا المرشح. ويقول لماذا. | Click, if you do not support Rashid al-Ghannushi. Say why.

Les résultats des élections en ligne en faveur de "راشد الغنوشي" dans le graphique

ARA: راشد الغنوشي واسمه الحقيقي راشد الخريجي (ولد في 22 جوان 1941 بالحامة في ولاية قابس) سياسي ومفكر إسلامي تونسي، زعيم حركة النهضة التونسية ومساعد الأمين العام لشؤون القضايا والأقليات في الإتحاد العالمي لعلماء المسلمين. عاش راشد الغنوشي في المهجر في لندن بعد نفيه من بداية التسعينات إلى أن عاد بعد الثورة التونسية في 2011. المنفى غادر راشد الغنوشي إلى الجزائر العاصمة في 11 أبريل 1989 بعد صراعات مع السلطة وبعض المسؤولين في الدولة. ذهب بعد ذلك ...
pour33contre   في رأيي راشد الغنوشي طيبة جدا سياسيا. على سبيل المثال ، بسبب... (إذا أردت أن أكتب لماذا ، لقد كتبت هنا), positive
pour31contre   أنا لا أوافق. راشد الغنوشي هو سوء الاختيار. على سبيل المثال ، بسبب... (إذا أردت أن أكتب لماذا ، لقد كتبت هنا), negative
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pour راشد الغنوشي

Al-Ghannushi lashes out at Iran for backing Assad regime

Prior to President Abdullah Gül’s visit to Tunisia, a prominent scholar and leader of the Tunisian Ennahda movement -- which came to power in the first free elections following Tunisia’s revolution -- vehemently criticized the Iranian stance towards the nearly one-year old crisis in Syria that seems likely to continue for the foreseeable future. In an exclusive interview with Today’s Zaman on Wednesday, Ennahda leader Rashid al-Ghannushi touched upon a wide range of issues such as the new constitution in Tunisia, bilateral relations between Turkey and his country ...

The Economist’s Epic Fail: Libels Moderate Muslim Leader, Then Offers Apology...

The Economistrecently published an article entitledNow is the timeon the subject of Tunisia. In that article, they mentioned Rashid Al-Ghannushi, the leader of Ḥizb al‐Nahḍah, the Tunisian Renaissance Party. Al-Ghannushi is a well-known Islamic intellectual, so it was somewhat surprising to see The Economist portray him as a fundamentalist; but more outrageously, the article claimed (incorrectly) that Al-Ghannushi threatened to hang a prominent Tunisian feminist! When they were notified of this horrendous error, the editors of The Economist had the decency to issue apublic apology, ...

Sarah Ben Hamadi: “Rashid al-Ghannushi, the other president”

Rashid al-Ghannushi in Qatar, Rashid al-Ghannushi in Algeria,Rashid al-Ghannushi in the USA, Rashid al-Ghannushi in Libya… As Moncef Marzouki takes up the post of President of the Tunisian Republic with no prerogatives, the founder of Ennahda is taking his role very seriously. An historical moment with a bitter taste: the Constituent Assembly’s vote to elect a President of Tunisia. MoncefMarzouki was the only candidate, after the refusal of the nine other candidatures which didn’t meet the required criteria.Being elected with 153 votes in the Assembly, designated ...

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