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Sanjar Umarov

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Известный узбекский политик и бизнесмен. | A prominent Uzbek politician and businessman.
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ENG: Sanjar Guiess Umarov (born April 7, 1956) is a prominent Uzbek politician and businessman. He is the chairman of Sunshine Uzbekistan, the main party in opposition to president Islom Karimov's authoritarian rule. He was arrested in October 2005 for embezzlement-charges his supporters say are politically motivated-and went on trial in January 2006. Umarov was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, as the middle child of five in a large family of intellectuals. His father, Guiess Ekub Umarov, was a physicist; his mother, Nabira Shamsieva, was a university English instructor. Umarov attended the Tashkent University of Irrigation and Mechanization of Agriculture, earning a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. Following this, he served as an intercontinental ballistic missile ...
pour32contre   Я думаю что Sanjar Umarov это относительно хороший политик. Например, потому что ... (если бы я хотел/а написать, почему он хороший, я бы написал/а это здесь), positive
pour33contre   Я не согласен / сна Sanjar Umarov это плохой выбор. Например, потому что... (если бы я хотел/а написать, почему это плохой выбор, я бы написал/а это здесь), negative
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Statement of Gulambek Sanjar Umarov

Gulambek Umarov is a son of Sanjar Umarov, a prominent businessman and a leader of opposition group Sunshine Coalition. Sanjar Umarov has been detained in prison in Uzbekistan since 2005. The speech was delivered on July 24, 2008 at the United Nations in conjunction with the commemoration of the Declaration on Prisoners of Conscience. First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude to the member states responsible for drafting and signing the Declaration on Prisoners of Conscience. I would also like to express my admiration to the members of this panel for their strength and bravery ...

The Position of Sanjar Umarov Produced Sharp Criticism from His Colleagues

Uzbek dissidents and human rights advocates, representatives of civil sector sharply criticized the statements of Sanjar Umarov, the prominent businessman and former head of Sunny Coalition opposition movement, he shared in the interview with The New York Times. Specifically, the Uzbek dissidents were at least surprised to hear from Umarov that the tortures, he witnessed, "were not the result of state policy, but the private initiative of criminals, working for this government". In the opinion of many Uzbek civil activists, Umarov intentionally "distorts the reality": the real situation is ...

Uzbek Political Prisoner Released ‎

A rare occasion indeed -- a political prisoner in Uzbekistan has reached the end of his term and been released on schedule -- without being slapped with a fresh sentence as has been repeatedly the case with others. ... The last political prisoner to be released, Sanjar Umarov, head of the opposition Sunshine movement, was sentenced to 14 years, tortured, amnestied in 2009 after 4 years and forced to move to the United States. So it is hardly likely that Rashid Bekzhan will be able to resume any opposition activity freely. The Committee says there are 39 such prisoners of conscience in ...

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