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Sarah Palin

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American politician, commentator and author - former Governor of Alaska (2006-2009).
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pour7contre   May 10,000 more be on here side for each fraudulent false accusation against her!, joycewgreene
pour4contre   As both mayor and governor, Sarah Palin immediately fired lots of highly skilled, experienced staff and replaced them with "her people.", Elviss
pour1contre   I love everything she stands for and believe in her great capability to govern wisely; also admired as example., joycewgreene
pour1contre   Think she has the heart of the foundation needed for this country to remain strong and righteous (benevolent, as well)., joycegreene
pour1contre   Sarah Palin actually has much closer ties to a militant separatist party in Alaska, whose founder was eventually killed while trying to buy plastic explosives., Elviss
pour0contre   Love her for standing up for doing what is right FOR THE PEOPLE., joycewgreene
pour0contre   I love everything she stands for. She may avert collapse to our country with her wisdom and strength for the people., joycewgreene
pour0contre   She is outstanding proving hereself as she exits as governor to exercise tremendous positive influence very much needed!, joycewgreene
pour0contre   Throughout her career, Sarah Palin has used government and campaign money to enrich herself. Everybody knows it., Elviss
pour0contre   I´m for her because she is a beautiful girl:), caesar
pour0contre   She is cute, spetr
pour12contre   Going Roughe- and stay in Alaska!!!!, SEPP
pour6contre   she is stupid (proved by her numerous one-liners) and she puts her followers to hatred against people with other opinions. She is a DEMAGOGUE!, Galileo
pour3contre   The people before the profit!!!, Galileo
pour3contre   http://www.palinaspresident.com/, a3
pour2contre   Mrs. Palin does not have the knowledge of politics, but it doesn't make her dumb. she has other talents and politics is not one of them., LaMalia
pour2contre   Why is it that Palin was found to have done illegal things in her last (and current) post, and this is not the top headline everywhere?, a3
pour1contre   The woman is an idiot!, sudiestan
pour1contre   Redefines the meaning of STUPID!!!, GOD_ALMIGHTY
pour1contre   Palins Husband works for BP!, SEPP
pour1contre   Sie kann aus ihrem Fenster in Alaska Russland sehen!Sie sollte diese Medikamente nicht mehr nehmen!:), SEPP
pour1contre   Ich hatte schon Pullover mit einem höheren IQ!, SEPP
pour1contre   "Wo liegt Europa"? :) "Wer bin ich"? :), SEPP
pour1contre   I know bimbos need love, too, but not necessarily any serious attention beyond that., Kitsapian
pour1contre   Palin has gone off-message several times, and McCain team privately wonder whether the incidents were deliberate, a3
pour1contre   Palin is POWER HUNGRY, a3
pour1contre   Do You Think Sarah Palin Is Qualified To Be VP?? http://tinyurl.com/4orfjc, a3
pour0contre   Who are these 40% of Americans who think Palin is qualified to be President and how do we take away their right to vote?, spetr

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