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Viviane Reding

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Lëtzebuergesch Politikerin. | A Luxembourg politician, currently serving as European Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship.
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LTZ: D'Viviane Reding gebuer de 27. Abrëll 1951 zu Esch-Uelzecht ass eng lëtzebuergesch Politikerin. D'Viviane Reding huet 3 Kanner. No hirem Studium op der Sorbonne, zu Paräis, dat se mat engem Doktorat ofgeschloss hat, huet d'Viviane Reding vun 1978-1999 als Journalistin an Editorialistin beim Wort geschafft. Tëscht 1986 an 1998 war si Presidentin vun der Union luxembourgeoise des Journalistes. 1979 a 1984 gouf d'Viviane Reding fir all Kéier 5 Joer an d'Chamber gewielt, an tëscht 1989 an 1999 war si Deputéiert am Europaparlament. Vun 1981 bis 1999 war si och am Escher Gemengerot. An hirer Partei, der CSV, war si 1995-1999 Vizepresidentin, a vun 1988-1993 war se Nationalpresidentin vun de Chrëschtlech-soziale Fraen. Zanter 1999 ass ...
pour33contre   In my opinion Viviane Reding is quite good and reliable politician. She has my support!, positive
pour34contre   I am strongly opposed! Viviane Reding is quite bad choice. I do not agree with her political views., negative
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Reding pushes 40% female quota on corporate boards

Three weeks after her initial plan to impose gender quotas on company boards met with strong opposition, EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding unveiled a new proposal. But this time it was criticised for being too weak. The aim of Reding's proposed directive, released yesterday (14 November), is to increase the gender diversity of corporate boards throughout the EU by setting a minimum objective of 40% female board members by 2020. "This is a historical day for gender balance and equality," Reding said at a joint press conference with Olli Rehn, the commissioner responsible for economic ...

Reding criticised over women directors plan

Legal questionsprompt re-think of controversial scheme. Viviane Reding, the European commissioner for justice, fundamental rights and citizenship, was forced to shelve a controversial proposal for legally binding quotas for the proportion of women on company boards on Tuesday (23 October), amid rancour and division with the European Commission. The plan, which had also attracted significant opposition from member states, was dropped after a two-hour meeting of commissioners in Strasbourg. Commission sources played down disharmony within the Commission, and yesterday (24 October) denied ...

Women’s quotas: Reding looks set to win a battle

Viviane Reding has not won the war but she is about to win a battle fought in the European Commission over her controversial project for mandatory quotas of 40% of women on the executive boards of listed companies in the EU by 2020 (2018 for big public enterprises). The project will only concern non-executive members, ie those who supervise the executive boards but do not make decisions on a daily basis. For non-executive members, the average of women is 15% in the EU. According to our sources, the justice commissioner’s draft directive looks set to be discussed by the College of ...

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